Ultrabook Vs Tablet: Which Do You Choose?

Ultrabook and Tablet both have got their distinct significance with their diverse features that are simply superb. Technology masterminds and specialist have found ultrabooks as the most excellent option in various ways in the form of the usual laptops or the Netbooks. Several people believe that various things by the means of the Intel ultraportable computer may be said to be the top mot rival for the other PC’s laptop as well as the processor apparatus. The laptops and PCs have gained supreme level of importance because of the amazing utility that is worth praising at a very small span of time. The ultrabook are highly admired due to the astounding attributes which it endows to the users. There are certain mark of demarcation amongst the Ultrabook and the Tablet.


The Ultrabook is found to be light in terms of weight and quite sleek in design. The Ultrabooks may be the most brilliant purchase as they are portable in nature and so they may without any difficulty carried to any place throughout the world. The tablets on the contrary are the relatively small and tablet sized computers possessing the similar key attributes of a fully loaded personal computer. You may say that the tablet is a mini laptop computer that is entirely equipped with the eminent feature of the touch screen, quick processing but it lacks in certain area as a customary keyboard.

In case you intend to purchase a tablet or Ultrabook you should take (more…)

Asus Zenbook UX21E Ultrabook

This is the generation of smart professionals who want speed and style in everything they do. The technology companies appreciate these requirements and hence come up with technologically advanced products from time to time. These products do best to render style, speed and mobility to the users. The Taiwanese computer manufacturer Asus has come up … Continue reading

Introduction of UltraBooks to the Computing World

The introduction of ultrabooks has sparkled a new twirl to the world of computing placing the enduring netbooks on threshold of extermination; in sequence for a laptop be categorized like an ultra-book, the gadget is required to go with the set of descriptions provided by Intel leading to a slight slim design not more than … Continue reading

Samsung Series 5 Ultrabooks – Now More Affordable

For those who are searching for more affordable Samsung Ultrabook, here’s the good news for you. Samsung   announced the availability of their new Samsung Series 5 ULTRA which was actually officially unveiled during CES 2012 in Las Vegas. The Series 5 Ultra, which comes in both 13 and 14-inch varieties, starts at $899. The notebook … Continue reading

Acer Aspire S5 – World’s Thinnest Ultrabook

If Toshiba Portege Z830 is the world’s lightest 13″ ultrabook, then Acer Aspire S5 is the world’s thinnest ultrabook with only 15mm at it thickest point. These values are valid as of today’s posting date. Acer Aspire S5, an ultra-slim device weights less than 1.35Kg (less than 3lbs.) and configured with 13.3 inch LCD. Unique … Continue reading

Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook Is Now Available

Touted as the world’s lightest 13″ laptop weighting  less than 2.5lbs only and with ultra slim profile at under an inch thin. Toshiba Portege Z830 starts at $879 and is now available for purchase in time for the holiday season. Toshiba Portege Z830- ST8305 Ultrabook™ Features: Intel® Core™ i3-2367M Processor (other models come with Intel … Continue reading

HP Folio – The First Ultrabook from HP

HP,  the world’s largest PC maker,  now has plans of introducing its first Intel based ultrabook laptop to compete with Apple’s MacBook Air and other Ultrabook manufacturer such as Acer and Lenovo. Although ultrabooks are relying mostly on Wi-Fi for connectivity, Hewlett Packard on the other hand is  planning to sell its ultrabook notebook to business … Continue reading

2012 – Year of the Ultrabook PC Tablet

Analysts say that if  done right, ultrabooks could be the next big thing.  Forrester analyst David Johnson says interest in ultrabooks has been high while Intel CEO Paul Otellini even wants manufacturers to incorporate a touchscreen into next year’s models in support of Windows 8. As most of you already know, Ultrabook is  a term that … Continue reading

HP To Release First Intel Ultrabook Notebook

With the rumor that Apple is expected to release a new version of MacBook Air soon (maybe this summer), the timing of releasing first ever HP Ultrabook is very interesting. The launch if it will push through, will spearhead the first ever Intel’s Ultrabook-concepts notebooks even ahead of the planned release of Asustek’s UX21 model … Continue reading

Ultra Book PC Tablet Has Arrived!

Ultra Book PC Tablet Has Arrived! Intel revealed a new category of laptops or netbooks which include best features of tablets Computex computer trade show in Taipei. This new “Ultra Book”  laptops are essentially characterized by a light weight, a small width, and a beautiful design but still they will have high-performance processors. Intel is keen to develop laptops … Continue reading

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