Ultrabook Vs Tablet: Which Do You Choose?

Ultrabook and Tablet both have got their distinct significance with their diverse features that are simply superb. Technology masterminds and specialist have found ultrabooks as the most excellent option in various ways in the form of the usual laptops or the Netbooks. Several people believe that various things by the means of the Intel ultraportable computer may be said to be the top mot rival for the other PC’s laptop as well as the processor apparatus. The laptops and PCs have gained supreme level of importance because of the amazing utility that is worth praising at a very small span of time. The ultrabook are highly admired due to the astounding attributes which it endows to the users. There are certain mark of demarcation amongst the Ultrabook and the Tablet.


The Ultrabook is found to be light in terms of weight and quite sleek in design. The Ultrabooks may be the most brilliant purchase as they are portable in nature and so they may without any difficulty carried to any place throughout the world. The tablets on the contrary are the relatively small and tablet sized computers possessing the similar key attributes of a fully loaded personal computer. You may say that the tablet is a mini laptop computer that is entirely equipped with the eminent feature of the touch screen, quick processing but it lacks in certain area as a customary keyboard.

In case you intend to purchase a tablet or Ultrabook you should take Continue reading Ultrabook Vs Tablet: Which Do You Choose?

Asus Zenbook UX21E Ultrabook

This is the generation of smart professionals who want speed and style in everything they do. The technology companies appreciate these requirements and hence come up with technologically advanced products from time to time. These products do best to render style, speed and mobility to the users. The Taiwanese computer manufacturer Asus has come up with one such product, the Asus Zenbook UX21E ultrabook. Ultrabook, the new creation of Intel, is a high end subnotebook. Within a short span of time the concept of ultrabook has become very popular and Intel intends to get a trademark on the term.

Main Features

Ultrabooks are made to be light weight, sleek, high performance device which has longer battery life.  Asus Zenbook UX21E ultrabook with its superior style and features meet all these criteria and is much more. It is V- shaped with 3mm thickness in the frontal and goes on to be of 9 mm thickness at the back.  It is made up of thin aluminum and metal that has been spun and boasts of a chic and elegant look. The first look at it is surely going to impress its young users.


This sleek and elegant device does not compromise on its superior performance and has loads of advanced features which Continue reading Asus Zenbook UX21E Ultrabook

Introduction of UltraBooks to the Computing World

The introduction of ultrabooks has sparkled a new twirl to the world of computing placing the enduring netbooks on threshold of extermination; in sequence for a laptop be categorized like an ultra-book, the gadget is required to go with the set of descriptions provided by Intel leading to a slight slim design not more than 20mm, weight should be light like 1 or 1.5 kg along with extended battery life. The cost of ultrabook should be affordable for those people who like to procure latest gadgets but maintain a minimum budget for superior design and quality product.

There is a cut-throat competition between leading companies like Samsung, Acer and Toshiba which is already involved in manufacturing the devices which are android powered. The products have an extensive range from smart phones to tablets. Therefore it is anticipated that the market will face a drastic change for producing ultrabooks shortly as the demand of ultrabooks is intensifying day by day. At present there are few companies which already launched laptops that include several features of ultrabooks. But it is on the verge of gaining recognition all over the world and used by a large mass.

The ultrabooks are having numbers of unique features incorporated with it. The display is more or less 13.3 inches large with well built keyboard and trackpad. There are multiple USB ports along with headphone and SD card slot. The ultrabooks have in-built speakers and battery is quite good. Though the battery is hard to replace, the overall performance of ultrabooks are quite notable. The design is sleek enough and the light weight of ultrabook catches the eye of interested people. The ultrabooks also contain SSD which aid to perform faster than the regular hard disks. These Solid State drive are useful for multitasking as well as booting when compared to traditional drives. Moreover, these drives also consume less power which aids to prolong the life of in-built battery. Continue reading Introduction of UltraBooks to the Computing World

Samsung Series 5 Ultrabooks – Now More Affordable

For those who are searching for more affordable Samsung Ultrabook, here’s the good news for you. Samsung   announced the availability of their new Samsung Series 5 ULTRA which was actually officially unveiled during CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

The Series 5 Ultra, which comes in both 13 and 14-inch varieties, starts at $899.


The notebook is available in 13-inch or 14-inch flavours. Surprisingly, the 14-inch model  comes with an optical drive. The first of it’s kind among the Ultrabooks that were released previously.

Great Features of Samsung Series 5 Ultra

  • 2nd Gen Intel Core i5 and AMD Radeon HD (1GB) graphics card.
  • With up to 8GB of RAM and a boot time of 20 seconds.
  • Ultra large capacity HDD can store up to 1TB of data, with over 2x the capacity of other slim models
  • Full-sized HDMI port, Ethernet, and SD card slot come standard, and a mini-VGA dongle
  • 300nit HD LED SuperBright screen (1,600×900 resolution screen).
  • Metal body weighs under four pounds, and is less than an inch thick.
  • Samsung’s BatteryLife Plus technology extends the battery life up to 1,500 cycles / 3 years
  •  Fast Boot the computer boots-up in just 20 seconds.
  •  Fast Start wakes from sleep in 2 seconds
  • Fast Browsing makes frequently viewed web pages run 2x faster.

Based on the configuration of  Series 5 and the looks, which is certainly a hot-looking ultrabook, Samsung made the right decision to make this series more affordable.

The Series 5 Ultra is now out in the market.

Acer Aspire S5 – World’s Thinnest Ultrabook

If Toshiba Portege Z830 is the world’s lightest 13″ ultrabook, then Acer Aspire S5 is the world’s thinnest ultrabook with only 15mm at it thickest point. These values are valid as of today’s posting date.

Acer Aspire S5, an ultra-slim device weights less than 1.35Kg (less than 3lbs.) and configured with 13.3 inch LCD.

Acer Aspire S5

Unique Features of Acer Aspire S5:

  • uses Thunderbolt port offering a high-speed 20Gbps
  • Acer Green Instant On technology – fast boot and resume from standby in 1.5 seconds just like a tablet
  • Acer Always Connect – be able to retrieve emails and social network’s messages in standby mode – even from sleep. This technology can wake up the Aspire S5 from a remote device like a smartphone.
  • Magnesium-aluminum alloy cover
  • Magical I/O port panel – Acer’s first Ultrabook to feature a smartly designed MagicFlip I/O port panel concealed just below the hinge.
  •  Dolby Home Theater v4 sound
  •  PowerSmart batterypack –  3X longer life cycle than traditional batteries.

The Aspire S5 will start shipping in Q2 2012.


Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook Is Now Available

Touted as the world’s lightest 13″ laptop weighting  less than 2.5lbs only and with ultra slim profile at under an inch thin. Toshiba Portege Z830 starts at $879 and is now available for purchase in time for the holiday season.


Toshiba Portege Z830- ST8305 Ultrabook™ Features:

HP Folio – The First Ultrabook from HP

HP,  the world’s largest PC maker,  now has plans of introducing its first Intel based ultrabook laptop to compete with Apple’s MacBook Air and other Ultrabook manufacturer such as Acer and Lenovo.


Although ultrabooks are relying mostly on Wi-Fi for connectivity, Hewlett Packard on the other hand is  planning to sell its ultrabook notebook to business users and consumers  with separate Ethernet port for locations which doesn’t Wi-fi connections. It’s actually the first ultrabook for the enterprises or businesses.

HP Folio Features:

  • 13.3 inch screen LED display (1366 x 768)
  • 0.7 inches thick and weigh around 3.3 pounds.
  • powered by  Intel Core i5-2467M processor (1.6Hz base clock speed) Ultra Low Voltage processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • six-cell battery with 9 hours of battery life
  •  selection of ports  includingBluetooth, HDMI, Ethernet, USB 2.0 and 3.0
  • security features like the optional TPM Embedded Security Chip to protect against sensitive data
  • solid state drive (m SATA SSD) with 128GB storage
  • built-in HD web cam
  • backlit keyboard

The HP Folio will come with a metal casing but let’s see if this will change by next year since most ultrabook’s  manufacturers are looking for the best  combination of aluminum and plastic or high-density fiberglass.

The PC will be available in the US market starting December 7 at a starting retail price of $900 which undercuts the MacBook Air ($1,299 and up).

2012 – Year of the Ultrabook PC Tablet

Analysts say that if  done right, ultrabooks could be the next big thing.  Forrester analyst David Johnson says interest in ultrabooks has been high while Intel CEO Paul Otellini even wants manufacturers to incorporate a touchscreen into next year’s models in support of Windows 8.

As most of you already know, Ultrabook is  a term that Intel made up to differentiate high-performance, notebook offerings from mainstream notebooks and the tablet market. The equation is something like:


Ultrahigh Performance Notebook + Tablet = Ultrabook.

Ultrabooks are partly inspired by MacBook Air which is made of light, aluminum case. Ultrabook manufacturers are currently looking for the right materials such as a combination of aluminum and plastic or high-density fiberglass.

Ultrabook shipments are expected to soar over the next several years, going from less than 1 million units in 2011 to 136.5 million units in 2015, market research firm IHS iSuppli says.

According to PC Pro magazine, Shawn DuBravac, director of research for the Consumer Electronics Association, predicted, “We expect to see 30 to 50 new ultrabooks launched at CES 2012.”

HP To Release First Intel Ultrabook Notebook

With the rumor that Apple is expected to release a new version of MacBook Air soon (maybe this summer), the timing of releasing first ever HP Ultrabook is very interesting. The launch if it will push through, will spearhead the first ever Intel’s Ultrabook-concepts notebooks even ahead of the planned release of Asustek’s UX21 model which is scheduled for September.

According to a report from Taipei-based Digitimes,  Foxconn has already begun shipping Ultrabooks to HP but both parties are still declining to comment about this issue. Sources told DigiTimes that the HP Ultrabooks will use Intel’s Core i7-2677M (1.8GHz) and i7-2637M (1.7GHz) dual-core CPUs. Incidentally, Foxconn is the same company making many of Apple’s product.

This goes to show that HP Ultrabooks may be just around the corner.  So far, based on this development news, HP and Asustek are on the race to launch the first Intel’s Ultrabook concepts notebooks.

Ultra Book PC Tablet Has Arrived!

Ultra Book PC Tablet Has Arrived!

Intel revealed a new category of laptops or netbooks which include best features of tablets Computex computer trade show in Taipei.

This new “Ultra Book”  laptops are essentially characterized by a light weight, a small width, and a beautiful design but still they will have high-performance processors.

Intel is keen to develop laptops that are more splashy and attractive to end users who are increasingly captivated by Apple’s iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other mobile gadgets.

This new Ultra Book is not only all about the external design but Intel has introduced high performance processors into the motherboards of these Ultrabooks.

In fact, Asustek launched its first ultrabook at the Computex computer show in Taiwan. Acer  on the other hand, has announced plans to produce an ultra book which will be a super light computer model  as early as the fourth quarter of 2011.

The PC industry is quite hopeful that Ultrabooks will help revive the notebook since Ultrabooks can provide power packed computing.

With the backup of the biggest name in industry such as Intel, Acer and Asustek, no doubt Ultra Book PC tablet has finally arrived!

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